College Student Life 

College Student Life (CSL) is an organization within Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services (CHES) at the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz. CSL provides leadership for the student experience, through the utilization of a curricular approach. CSL is comprised of over 75 staff who specialize in various functional areas including residential education, student activities, housing, student conduct, and operations & staff development. Within these areas, we offer an exceptional environment with rewarding work, opportunities for growth and advancement, and a culture that supports continuing education. 

Educational Priority & Learning Goals 

We uniquely engage lifelong learners who demonstrate bold curiosity, an intricate understanding of identity, and an unparalleled commitment to community in the pursuit of a socially just world.

Learning Goals

Learning Goals relate directly to our Educational Priority and provide more clarification on what we want to achieve in College Student Life. Each goal has its own narrative and set of outcomes that tie directly to the overall Educational Priority. 

Engaging Curiosity 

  • College Student Life encourages the development of skills to pursue life-long learning, which in turn will assist the navigation of ambiguity, develop critical thinking skills, and seek new experiences. By creating environments that cultivate inquisitive behaviors, fostering awareness of alternative world views, skill building, and making decisions in ambiguity, we engage in learning to build curiosity.

Understanding Identity

  • College Student Life invites exploration of the mosaic of social identities and contextualizes the numerous influences that shape collective identities. Beyond on-going self-reflection, College Student Life challenges learning about and engaging with identities or differing experiences. The ability to explain concepts of identity, both individual and collective; name multiple identities; and understand how identities determine power within social contexts, will encourage an understanding of identity and all of its intricacies.

Commitment to Community 

  • College Student Life understands the Principles of Community and the need to have a sense of belonging within it. By identifying the roles we play in shaping our communities and the experiences, or wealth, that individuals or cultures contribute to communities, we take ownership of the place in which we live that promotes positive engagement with members of our colleges, the university, and the world.

Commitment to Social Justice 

  • College Student Life prepares individuals to understand and address injustices in our local community and the broader world. By cultivating skills for working collectively across differences to enact practices leading to just and equitable actions. We aim to foster a sustainable commitment to social justice by providing awareness, knowledge, and skills needed to engage and address continuously evolving social needs.